Letter from Anna Engelhorn to her brother, presumably William Martin Barthell, written December 10, 1892 in Helena, Montana. Stationary printing in upper left hand corner reads, "From Helena Business College, Helena, Montana." The letter is written in German, and it was translated by Berlitz in May, 1993. There are some pencil marks made at a later date, perhaps by Walter Barthell.

Original Letter, Side One

Original Letter, Side Two

[Translator's Note: spelling and punctuation reflect that of the original.]

Helena, December 10, 1892

Dear Brother,

I hope that my few lines find you in good health, as they leave me, thank God. How are you, dear brother? Will you be over your cold soon? Or how are you doing other than that? Did Anna Hartbauer come for a visit yet? How is the weather where you are? In Montana it is winter already, I had a good trip but since then the weather has not been so nice any more, we already had lots of snow, also cold, everyone was well when I got here, my Hermann has a lot to do, as does his wife, and the house is full of students, he has a big school.

[second page]

Now I will write down for you what I promised, everything that I know.

Michael, January 7, 1815

Anna Engelhorn, July 10, 1817

Georg, August 17, 1821

Martin, November 7, 1823

Johan, August 18, 1826

Dina, November 1, 1835

Dear brother, our years are already many, but they are counted. Soon we will have finished another year. I think that God will decide the best for us. I close for today and wish you much luck and many blessings for the New Year and continued good health. Write to me soon, sincere greetings from your devoted sister, Anna Engelhorn.

Many greetings from Hermann and his wife.