Sources of information about Barthell family used on this site:

The first source of information is a small German book Der Alte Buchman with the names, dates of birth and dates of death for William Martin Barthell's children. Several notes and notecards tucked inside the book repeat these names and dates as well as give dates and places of birth and death, and immigration and marriage info for William Martin Barthell and wife Leticia McHugh Barthell. Also included is an obituary for Leticia McHugh.

"Der Alte Buchman" with loose papers

One additional item tucked inside the German book is a letter from Anna Barthell Engelhorn to her brother William Martin Barthell containing birth dates for themselves and their siblings. The letter and a translation of it can be viewed at the following link:

Letter from Anna Engelhorn 1892

Another major source of information for this site is family photo album with a worn red velvet cover. Inscribed on one of the front page is the following message, "A Merry Xmas to Mother fom Anna and Fred." Probably this album belonged to Leticia McHugh Barthell and was given to her by her daughter Anna Barthell Tillotson and her husband. Somehow the album ended up being passed down the family of Leticia's youngest child, Walter H. Barthell; it is currently in the possession of Walter H. Barthell's three grandchildren. Many, but not all, of the photos have penciled identifications on the album page where the photos are placed. The penciled identifications were probably written by Jeane Leticia Barthell, or perhaps her father, Walter H. Barthell. Some photos also have identifications written on ink on the reverse, such as with Dottie Barthell's. These may have been inscribed by other family members (such as one of Dottie's parents) and the pictures sent to Leticia Barthell. There are numerous photos remaining unidentified in the photo album. These photos may be identified later based on the locations of the photos; these include the following towns in Iowa: Decorah, Waukon, Northwood, Lawler, Davenport, and Hawarden. Some unidentified photos are also from Amboy, IL; Minneapolis, MN; and Brooklyn (NY?).

There is a lso a second Barthell photo album primarily containing photos of Jeane Leticia Barthell. These are mostly not yet scanned or included on this site. Midway through the album, handwritten identifications of photos shift from one of Jeane's parents to Jeane herself. Beside Jeane Barthell and her father Walter Barthell (why isn't her mother included?) other relatives pictured in this album include Ted Tillotson, Marjorie Tillotson, and Dottie Barthell.

A few miscellanous photos, birth announcements, social security cards, and obituaries are included with the photo albums. Some of these items are included on this site.

Census records for several family members found on Heritage Quest has provided additional information for several family members.

Another major source of information for this site comes from Sean Ryan's Barthell Family Tree at and through direct email communication with Sean Ryan. He provided almost all of the information about the descendants of William Martin Barthell's siblings and several important photographs. Perhaps most significantly, he provided the names and other identifying information for the parents of William Martin Barthell and his siblings.

Sean Ryan's family tree at can be viewed at the following URL:

Some of the photos and information provided by Sean Ryan and used on this site are originally from John Dickson, another Barthell descendant with a great deal of information about our family. Thanks go to both of these men for their generous contributions and assistance here.

Sean Ryan's website: