Barthell Name and Date Source: German Book with Loose Papers

Document is a small (6” x 4”) book, “Der alte Buchman,” printed in German. Handwritten names and dates are on the inside cover both at the front and back of the book. Inscription is “To Martin Barthell. From his unknown sister.” Along with this book are a postcard, notecard, and two other scraps of paper with names and dates.

This book also seems to be connected to the other significant non-photo Barthell document in my family collection, a letter from Anna Engelhorn to her brother, presumably William Martin Barthell. The book is inscribed to "To Martin Barthell, From his unknown sister. It seems likely the the unkown sister is Anna Engelhorn.

If she is the inscriber and he the recipient, how to explain her being “unknown?” She was born six years before him, not too great a difference. Perhaps her move to Helena, Montana, where she lived until 1892, explains this. Other siblings were closer at hand and therefore more familiar.

Handwriting on the pages of "Der Alte Buchman" are in both German and English. Several pages have subtraction problems written on them, presumably to determine ages. Here are links to scans of the pages and the names and dates as best as I can make them out.

Inside cover:
Mrs. L. Barthell
Born Feb. 2, 1839
Died May 24, 1922

To Martin Barthell
From his unkown sister

George Barthell
January 22, 1857
Died Oct. 8, 1899

Page 2 (This page has a lot of unknown, illegible or undecipherable information. Writing switches between German and English. This is what I think I can make out.)

Mataildae Barthell, October 1863 (rest is illegible)
John Barthell, November 1863
Herman, March 10, 1871
George Barthell, January 22, 1857
John, September 12, 1858
Matialdae, May 14, 1861
Anna, October 18, 1863
William Barthell April 15, 1866

Page 3
John F. Barthell, November 27, 1868
Herman Theodore Barthell, March 10, 1871
Charles Barthell, September 4, 1873
Walter H. Barthell, May 8, 1879 (unclear date)

Page 4 (Inside Back Cover)
George Barthell, Died October 8, 1899
Wil Barthell, Died January 7, 1908
Father, Died September 29, 1909
Mother, Died May 24, 1909
Anna, Died February 22, 1930
John, April 29, 1933
Herman T, May 25, 1933

Jeane Barthell, Born July 3, 1915


George Barthell, Born January 22, 1857
Anna Eva Barthell, October 18, 1863
William Barthell, April 15, 1866
John F. Barthell, November 27, 1868
Herman Theo. Barthell, March 10, 1871
Charley Barthell, September 4, 1873
Walter Barthell, May 8, 1879

Notecard - side 1

William Martin Barthell, born Onsback, Bavaria, Germany
November 7, 1823
Died September 29, 1909
Married September 12, 1855, Waukon, Iowa

Notecard -side 2

Leticia McHugh
Born Feb. 2, 1839
Died May 24, 1922
Born Utica, New York

Loose paper 1

William Martin Barthell
Born Nov. 7, 1823
Onsbach, Bavaria, Germany
Died Sept. 29, 1909

Loose paper 2

William Martin Barthell
Born in Onsbach, Bavaria, Germany
Nov. 7, 1823
Came to U.S. 1846Stayed in New York until came to Winneshiek County, Iowa, 1851
Glenvwood Township Store
Moved to Decorah 1866
Married Sept. 12, 1855
Who will (have) five children survive him