Loretta Toomey Barthell
Birth:  1885, Iowa
Death: 1972, St. Louis, MO


Single Portrait (likely Loretta Toomey Barthell as young woman)

Photo Album

Social Security Number

SS ID Card

Census Info

Appears in 1920 Federal Iowa Census for Floyd County, with husband Walter Barthell, M, W, Age 37, able to read and write, place of birth Iowa, father's place of birth Germany, father's native tongue German, mother's place of birth New York, occupation accountant, teacher

Appears in 1920 census as Loretta M., F, W. Age 34, able to read and write, born in Iowa, father born in Scotland, father's native tongue English, mother born in Massachusetts

Appears in 1920 Census with daughter Jean L., F, W, Age 4 1/2, parents born in Iowa

Also another photo album with many unlabeled photos, presumably Dorgan photos and also Toomey. (Loretta's family? Possibly her husband's. Most photos are unidentified.)

See All Available Info on Dorgan and Toomey.

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