1870 Illinois Census for Cass County, Chandlerville (September 2, 1870)

James Parris, Age 39, M, Laborer, Born in Kentucky
Carolina Parris, Age 36, F, Keeping House, Swiss
William Dickenson, Age 17, M, Day Labourer, Born in Illinois
Emma Dickenson, Age 16, F, Born in Illinois
Charels Dickenson, Age 13, M, Illinois
Evalie Paris, Age 10, M, Born in Illinois
David Paris, Age 8, M, Born in Arkansas
Alice Paris, Age 2/12, F, Born in Illinois

Notes on spelling and handwriting in this census:
Inconsistency in spelling of Parris. Spelled both "Parris" and "Paris" for the same household. Which is preferred?
Caroline appears to be "Carolina" due to handwriting.
Charles is spelled "Charels".

Another entry for William Dickinson:
Several lines above the Parris household the name William Dickinson appears with another household. all information is the same except age and occupations. Here he is listed as follows:
William Dickinson, Age 18, M, Brick Hands, Born in Illinois
Is this the same William Dickinson mistakenly entered twice in the Chandlerville census? The household (August Cham's - sp.?) lists four Brick Hands, all with different surnames.