Foland Census
(with some Staley and Puckett info)

Census Data: Nicholas County, Kentucky, 1850

John Foland, Age 49, M, Shoemaker, born in Kentucky
Catharine Foland, Age 46, F, born in Kentucky
Almeda Foland, Age 22, F, born in Kentucky
Hugh Foland, Age 20, Shoemaker, born in Kentucky
Sarah Foland, Age 18, F, born in Kentucky
John Foland, Age 16, Laborer, M, born in Kentucky
Geroge Foland, Age 13, M, born in Kentucky
Robert Foland, Age 9, M, Born in Kentucky
Thomas Foland, Age 8, M, born in Kentucky
Henry Clay Foland, Age 5, born in Kentucky

Census Data: Menard County , Illinois, 1870

Thomas Foland, Age 27, M, Farmer, born in Kentucky
Lucinda (sp.?) Foland, Age 18, F, Keeping house, born in Kentucky
John Foland, Age 70, M, Shoemaker, born in Kentucky
(also lists a teacher in household, Henry F. Wegner (sp.?))

1870 Illinois Census shows the Puckett household living in Tallula with the following members:

William Puckett, Age 27, shoemaker, born in South Carolina
Sarah Puckett, Age 36, born in Kentucky
Seth Puckett, Age 2/12
Bruce Staley, Age 14
Florence Staley, Age 13
Thomas Staley, Age 9
Abraham Staley, Age 7

1900 Illinois Census shows Sarah Staley, Age 67, born Febr. 1883, living in Tallula along with the following:
Thomas Staley, b. Aug. 1860, Age 39
Grace L. Staley, granddaughter, b. June 1883, Age 16

Why did Sarah take the Staley name back instead of Puckett? What became of William Puckett?

(Incorrect birthyear for Sarah Foland Staley?)

1910 Census shows Sarah Staley, Age 77, living in Tallula with her son Thomas, now 48.

1900 Illinois Census in Perry Township lists Bruce Staley, Blacksmith, Age 42 or 43, born 1857 in Kentucky, with the following family members:
Mattie L. Staley, age 28 (wife)
Forence E. Staley (sp.?), age 9 (daughter). b. 1890
Everett Staley, Age 8 (son), b. 1891
Guy Staley (sp.?), Age 6 (son), b.1893
Charles O. Staley, Age 5 (son), b. 1895

If Samuel was married to Laura J. Young Staley for about five years, he must have remarried within three years to have these four children. Was there a child from the first marriage?

Perry Township and Pearl Township are both in Pike County, Illinois. This is almost certainly the same Samuel Bruce Staley.

Later moved to Mountain View, Mo (at least by 1920)

1920 Illinois Census shows Thomas F. Staley, age 58, living in Tallula with his mother Sarah Staley, Age 88

His occupation is listed as a laborer in a blacksmith shop.

1920 Census shows A.L. Staley, Age 57, living in Tallula with the following:
Ida E. Staley (wife), Age 32
Powell Staley (son), Age 19
Toby Staley (son), Age 11