Willard Alva Granger

b. Sept. 12, 1857
b. near Six Mile Grove, Bremer County, IA
d. April 5, 1922
d. Nashua, IA

Is "Alva" spelled with or without an "h" at the end ("Alvah")?

W.A. Granger's first wife died seven years before him and he married a second time to Mrs. Mame Dodd.

Willard GRANGER is a partner in Granger and Putney, dealers in lumber, coal and grain in Nashua. He married on Nov 28, 1879 Miss Mary M. NAFUS, daughter of A.H. NAFUS. They have two daughters Mrs Ethel STALEY and Mildred. His first wife died June 9, 1912 and on May 3, 1917 he married Mrs Mary (WEST) DODD, daughter of Frank WEST an early pioneer of Chickasaw County.

Source: History of Chickasaw and Howard Co (1919), Vol II, Synopsis of pages 454 - 465

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Willard Alvah Granger with younger brother

More info on younger brother Eble, including headstone in Horton Cemetery

W.A. Granger

Will Granger

Willard Alvah Granger

Willard Alvah Granger

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Mary and Will Granger

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