Alfred Henry Nafus
b.June 4, 1855
d. May 11, 1930

Childhood Photo of Ferson and Calvin Nafus

Photo of Alfred H. Nafus and Family

Photo of one of Alfred Nafus's sons

Ferson, Mary, Alfred, and Emma

Alfred Henry Nafus was born June 4, 1855 and married Mira Jean Young on October 27, 1878.

1860 Michigan Census (June 20, 1860)
Alfred H. Nafus, Age 5, Place of Birth: Michigan

1870 Census, Bedford, Monroe County, Michigan (July 14, 1870)
Alfred Nafus, Age 13, Place of Birth: Michigan

1900 Iowa Census
Alfred H. Nafus, Age 44, born 1855, Place of birth: Michigan, Mother's Place of Birth: Pennsylvania
Mina J. Nafus, Age 40, born 1860, Place of birth: Wisconsin
Roy A. Nafus, Age 16, born 1883, Place of birth: Iowa
John S. Nafus, Age 14, born Nov. 1885, Place of birth: Iowa
Sara L. Nafus, Age 6, born Dec. 1893, Place of birth: Iowa
Ida Nafus, Age 14, Niece, born 1881, Place of birth: Iowa

Ida Nafus may be Ivadelle, a daughter of Ferson and Lizzie Nafus.

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