Ivadell May Nafus

Born July 25, 1881 in Spirit Lake, IA
Married Elmer Owen Chipman
Elmer Chipman (Born Apr 18, 1875, Died Nov 13, 1956)

Photo of Iva and Elmer

Ferson Nafus's Children

Iva Nafus's Children

Another Photo of Iva Nafus's Children

Owen Lester Dec 24, 1904
Marion Milo Aug 5, 1906
Howard Sept 1, 1908
Paul Christopher June 8, 1911 died 1913
Vera Adeline Apr 24, 1915

An Ida Nafus, born in 1881, is listed as living with her uncle Alfred Nafus on a 1900 census. Since 1881 is the same birth year you provide as Ivadelle May's, perhaps the census takers wrote "Ida" when they should have written "Iva."

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