John M. Nafus
b. Mar. 15, 1830

b. New York
1. John Nafus

2. John Nafus and Mother of Mary, Alfred, Emma, Will, and Ferson

3. John Nafus with group

5. John Nafus and Second Wife

6. John Nafus and Wife

7. John Nafus and Wife in Owosso, Michigan

8. John Nafus and Wife

John and Melissa Nafus headstones in Horton Cemetery, Horton, Iowa

John M. Nafus is the earliest member of the Nafus Family for which I have direct evidence, labeled photographs in family albums. John Nafus and family moved to Iowa from Owosso, Michigan and may also have lived in other Michigan locations. Many photos of Nafus Family members were taken in Toledo, Ohio. Lambertvill,e Michigan, birthplace of Mary Maria Nafus Granger is

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John M. Nafus had two wives, first Louisa Slick Nafus by whom he had six children and then Melissa (Geswine) Nafus who had one daughter from a previous marriage. Melissa maiden name is unknown; "Geswine" is her first husband's surname.

One photograph in the family albums identifies John M. Nafus's home as "Owasso, Michigan." Owosso, Michigan is between Flint and Lansing, Michigan. Where is Owasso on state map?

1860 Michigan Census (June 20, 1860)
John Nafus, Age 30, Occupation: Carpenter/Joiner, Place of Birth: New York
Louisa Nafus, Age 25, Place of Birth: New York
Alfred H. Nafus, Age 5, Place of Birth: Michigan
Ferson Nafus, Age 3, Place of Birth: Michigan

1870 Census, Bedford, Monroe County, Michigan (July 14, 1870)
John Nafus, Age 40, Occupation: Farmer, Place of Birth: New York
Alfred Nafus, Age 13, Place of Birth: Michigan
Ferson Nafus, Age 12, Place of Birth: Michigan
Mary Nafus, Age 10, Place of Birth: Michigan
Emma Nafus, Age 9, Place of Birth: Michigan
Burton Nafus, Age 1, Place of Birth: Michigan

Note a slight age discrepancy for Alfred and Ferson between the two censuses.

One source on lists John M. Nafus as born in Tompkins County, New York on March 15, 1830. It also notes that he died on January 15 or 22, 1917 in Horton, Iowa.

John Nafus is identified as the father of Ferson Calvin Nafus on his death certificate. Hisbirthplace is listed as Pennsylvania.

Info from family of Bessie Nafus:

John M. Nafus
Born: March 18, 1830
Tompkins County, NY
Pennsylvania Dutch

Parents: Marcena Nafus
Mary (Dayton) Nafus B: July 19 1809

Married: Loesa B. Slick (Feb 11, 1835 - March 14, 1870)
August 7, 1854
Performed by Roger Salter (Minister of Gospel)
witnessed by: E. McCloth & Marj Mickens

Alfred Henry June 4, 1855
Ferson Calvin August 28, 1857
Delbert Theodore May 25, 1859
Mary Maria January 27,1861
Emma Loesa March 27, 1862
John Burton July 1, 1869

Married: Melissa Gesevine August 2nd 1870
Performed by Edmun Rawson, Justice of Peace
At Bedford MI
Witnessed by: E McCloth & Marj Mickens
Melissa died in Dickinson County, IA
Buried at Horton, IA

Married: Harriet Wedell November 23 1889
Performed by C.W. Russel at Ithica, MI
Witnessed by J.W. Wright

Died: January 15, 1917 (Owosso, Mi)
Buried at Horton, IA

John was a carpenter, plasterer and farmer

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