Pearl Hill
b. Nov., 1883

Pearl in photo with siblings and parents Emma Nafus Hill and Ed Hill

(Which person is Pearl in this photo?)

Pearl Hill married Ernest Briggs on February 26, 1902, in Horton, Iowa and they lived on a farm in Horton for at least forty-five years together. They were parents of two sons, Harold Briggs of Plainfield, Iowa and Elwyn Briggs of Horton, Iowa. Harold Briggs and wife Lucille Good Briggs had two sons, Merwin and Donald.

Thanks to Claudia Groh for contributing newspaper articles below. (Articles are transcribed here to save file space.)

Nashua Reporter, 10 12 1916 page 9
Mr. And Mrs. Ernest Briggs and children from near Plainfield, called at the George Fiene home Sunday.

Nashua Reporter 07 31 1919 page 12
Relatives gathered at the home of Fred C. Stickman Sunday and enjoyed a big picnic dinner together. Those present were Mr. And Mrs. W. F. Fee and Mr. And Mrs. F.W. Fiene of Nashua; Miss Anna Westervelt of Plainfield, Ed Zwanziger and family of Horton and Ernest Briggs and family of Horton.

Nashua Reporter 06 24 1920 pg. 15
Horton. The Frank Carpenter family, the Ernest Briggs family and several others drove to East Janesville Sunday to hear their old friend Rev. Hursh preach.

Nashua Reporter 07 26 1923 page 4
Horton. Ernest Briggs had a finger seriously injured in a pully Thursday.

Nashua Reporter 06 30 1926 page 1
Wed At Little Brown Church
Miss Lucille Good of Plainfield, and Harold Briggs of Horton, United in Marriage June 23
Miss Lucille good of Plainfield and Harold Briggs of Horton were married at the Little Brown Church on Wednesday afternoon, June 23, Rev. G.T. Hanna officiating. Miss Ruth Wright, a cousin of the bride, and Dillon Hall were the attendants.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Good and has spent her entire life in the vicinity of Plainfield. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs, of near Plainfield. Both are graduates of the Plainfield high school class of 1922.
Following the return from the church a bountiful wedding dinner was served at the bride’s home.
The young couple left immediately on a motor trip to Wyoming, expecting to be gone about a month, after which they will be at home to their friends in Horton. Mr. Briggs is employed in Frank Boyd’s store at that place.

Nashua Reporter 11 06 1929 pg. 4
Horton. Ernest Briggs and son, Harold went to Iowa City Thursday.

Nashua Reporter 03 04 1936 pg. 4
Mr. And Mrs. Harold Briggs and sons, Merwin and Donald, and Mr. And Mrs. Elwyn Briggs and baby of Plainfield, were Sunday guests at the Ernest Briggs home.

Nashua Reporter 11 18 1936 pg. 4
Friday was the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Ernest Briggs and her son, Elwin, talked her into an invitation to supper. When Elwin and his wife and baby daughter arrived at the home of his parents, they found the table laid for four but they were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Briggs and two sons and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Zwansiger, of Plainfield, Mr. and Mrs. Will Townsend, of Waverly, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Hicks and Mrs. Ed Hill of Horton. They had brought a picnic supper to help her celebrate and a very nice time was had.

Nashua Reporter 07 09 1941 page 4
Harold and Ernest Briggs, Clarence Paulsen of Waterloo, Albert Paulsen and Louis Krieveloff spent Thursday fishing at Lansing.

Nashua Reporter 09 10 1941 page 4
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Briggs and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs spent Wednesday and Thursday fishing at Lansing.

Nashua Reporter 10 13 1943 page 4
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sherman and family and their uncle James Bolton, were Sunday visitors at Elwin Briggs.

Waterloo Daily Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, Friday, February 28, 1947, page 11
Plainfield - Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs observed their 45th wedding anniversary Wednesday in the farm home where they have lived since their marriage.
Pearl Hill and Ernest Briggs were married Feb. 26, 1902, in Horton and are parents of two sons, Harold, Plainfield, and Elwyn, Horton. They have four grandchildren.

Nashua Reporter 11 16 1949 page 4
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs of Horton attended the Wendell Fiene sale and called on relatives in Nashua Saturday.

Nashua Reporter 11 16 1949 page 5
Plainfield. Mrs. Harold Briggs entertained at a family dinner Sunday honoring Mrs. Ernest Briggs of Horton on her birthday. Fourteen were present.

Nashua Reporter 01 18 1950 page 1
Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. C.Q. Nichols and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Paulsen, Plainfield, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs, Horton, spent Sunday evening in the E.J. Wylam home near Horton. Mr. and Mrs. Wylam have sold their farm and purchased a small acreage at Nashua.

Nashua Reporter 03 20 1952 page 5
I.S.T.C students are spending a short vacation with their parents. Included in the Plainfield group are Jane Chandler, Faye Busching, Lorraine Chester, Donald Briggs and Marvin Farmer.

Nashua Reporter 03 20 1952 page 5
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs of Horton were Sunday dinner guests in the home of their son, Harold.

Nashua Reporter 04 26 1950 page 1
Mrs. Harry Schweer entertained at dinner Sunday honoring her father, Will Ede, on his birthday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs and Mr. and Mrs. MM. Terry, Horton, Alfred Westervelt and Reid Carpenter of this place.

Nashua Reporter 03 06 1952 page 2
Mr. and Mrs. Alden Wright, Larry and Jimmie were Sunday dinner guests in the Chester Pals home at Sumner. They also called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Briggs at Horton who were having open house in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.

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