Goal here is to establish a link to William Staley's parents


Email Correspondence from November 27, 2005

I spent more time this weekend following leads on Staley family members. It's tough going. Basically William Staley (1829-1863) died too young to have left a substantial record, and we know nothing about his parents or siblings. We know only from his oldest son's obituary that he was born in Kentucky. We know he moved to Petersburg and that he is buried in Tallula.

The 1830 Kentucky census lists three Staley families: Abraham Staley with three sons and three daughters with one son younger than five: Jacob Staley with two sons and three daughters with two sons younger than five; and Christopher Staley with two sons, the youngest being older than five. The 1850 Kentucky census shows a John and Malinda Staley with seven children, including a son William age 19. Any of these families (or none of them) could be our Staley line. We need to find someone else doing similar research and try ruling out some possibilities. This is slow going and I get back to it rarely.

I did learn one interesting piece of information this weekend. One of your great grandfather's brothers was named Abraham Lincoln Staley. He was born in 1862 in IL. I think there are at least two connections here: Abraham Lincoln lived and worked near Tallula and he was from Kentucky like the Staleys. The Staley sympathies were very likely with the north. I checked Civil War records to see if William Staley died during the war. He was a wagon maker and that skill would have been useful in the army. There is a William Staley enrolled in the Union Army who died at the right time, but I don't think it's the same person.


Email Correspondence from November 21, 2005

This weekend I was trying again to track down information on William Staley, our earliest known Staley ancestor. I found this website with photos of tombstones in Tallula:


These are the people in the family plot in Tallula:

STALEY, Abraham L. 1862 1927
STALEY, George H. 1908 1978
STALEY, Ida Scantlin 1867 1947
STALEY, J. Wayne 1891 no dates
STALEY, Powell 8 Sep 1900 22 Mar 1981
STALEY, Rose Larson 1919
STALEY, Sarah Foland 1831 1920
STALEY, Thomas F. 1859 1929
STALEY, Veta Hayes 1894 1969
STALEY, William 1830 1863

It looks like William Staley's tombstone was replaced at some point with a newer one.

Most of the Staleys here are listed in the family bible. These are not: J. Wayne & Veta Hayes, George H. & Rose Larson. J. Wayne is the reverend mentioned as retiring in a 1964 article we have a photocopy of, but I don't know how he is related. I have no idea who George H. is. I wonder if his wife Rose Larson is still alive. Her tombstone does not have an ending date.

I wrote to the person who took the photos and contributed them to the website. Maybe she can tell us when she took the photos.


Previous Lead for early descendants of Staley Family - Dead End?

Martin Stealey, name found where?
Jacob Stealey. possibly father of William Staley
Bath, Kentucky

1) Family Bible says William Staley was born May 30, 1829. Census records from 1860 say he was born in Kentucky. One or more of William Staley's children were born in Kentucky (Nicholas County, KY, near Carlisle).

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- First name =William
- Last name = Stealey
- Life Even t= Birth/Christening
- Year =1829
- Year Range= + or - 2 years
- Country = United States
- State = All States

Result #11 is the only one from Kentucky:

William Stealey - International Genealogical Index / NA
Gender: Male Birth: About 1827 Of, , Bath, Kentucky

William Stealey, Male, Birth: About 1827, Of, Bath, Kentucky
Parents: Father: Jacob Stealey, Mother: Susan Moores

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