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Sarah Foland StaleyWilliam StaleyJohn FolandCatherine Simpson FolandJohn William StaleySamuel Bruce StaleyThomas F. StaleyAbraham L. StaleyFlora Staley MooresWm. M. PuckettSeth PuckettLaura Imogene WeaverLaura J. YoungIda ScantlinAllie LeedsEmma DickinsonGrace Lilian StaleyHoward B. StaleyRussell D. StaleyFlorence Garner StaleyWayne L. StaleyPowell StaleyMooresHarold Richard StaleyKaren (Staley)  LeeStaleyToby StaleyCharles O. Staley, b. 1895Guy Staley (sp.?), b.1893Everett Staley,  b. 1891Florence E. Staley  b. 1890page12Edward Winthrop StaleyStaley FamilyEthel Olive GrangerEdward Russell StaleyHarlan Granger StaleyJeane Leticia BarthellRussell StaleyJohn StaleyMelinda StaleyBert WeaverMargaret StaleyRobert EugeneRussell EdisonMurray AlbertHerschelBetty LouInfant